Our Games

100x Trader

Play the role of a crypto trader starting with $1,000. Will you 10x, maybe 100x or will you go bust trying? Stock, forex, and commodity charts coming soon as well.

Our Websites


Crypto trading resources.


A growing set of web apps, including forums, reviews, and a quiz generator.

Ranked List

Toplist site featuring a wide range of topics.

Norwegian Websites


Website about online shopping in Norway.


Info about stock brokers and online trading sites available in Norway.

Lån & Kreditt

Information about personal loans and credit cards in Norway.


Lists with the best blogs in Norway.

About Alexiuz

Alexiuz is a game and web development company that was founded in 2017 by Aleksander Blomquist. The company is based in Norway and focuses on building crypto-related websites and multi-platform games.