Our Games

100x Trader

Play the role of an online crypto trader starting with $1,000. Will you 100x or will you go bust?

Our Websites


Crypto trading resources.


A forum for discussing crypto and anything else.

Ranked List

Toplist site featuring a wide range of topics.

Affiliate Marketing Pro

Information about the best affiliate programs.

Crypto Headline Aggregator

Crypto news aggregator.

Norwegian Websites


Website about online shopping in Norway.


Info about stock brokers and online trading sites available in Norway.

Lån & Kreditt

Information about personal loans and credit cards in Norway.


Lists with the best blogs in Norway.

About Alexiuz

Alexiuz is a game and web development company that was founded in 2017 by Aleksander Blomquist. The company is based in Norway and focuses on building crypto-related websites and multi-platform games.